About Vox Institute

Specialised in speech communication and emotion and social psychology
Meet Our Founder
Branka Zei Pollermann
Founder and Director
Branka Zei Pollermann PhD (founder and director) teaches speech communication, leadership and social/emotional intelligence and in Switzerland, France and the UK. She is author of numerous publications. Her academic credentials include: PhD in psychology (University of Geneva), three MAs (general linguistics, psychology, English and Italian languages and literature) and postgraduate studies in speech pathology, phonetics, philosophy and sociology. She held part-time teaching and research positions at: Geneva University – Faculty of psychology (9 yrs.), Geneva University Hospitals (17 yrs.), CERN (7 yrs.), and Zagreb University - Phonetics Institute (7 yrs.).

Our Team

Dr. Bernd Pollermann
IT officer
Dr. Bernd Pollermann – Since 1988 co-director of Vox Institute, in charge of IT evolution/revolution creating numerous programs and tailor-made online applications for clients.
Academic credentials : diploma and PhD in physics (Berlin, Hamburg university and Heidelberg Max Planck Institute).

Work record : Max Planck Institute, CERN (European Center for Nuclear Research) from1973 to 2007 (IT department - closely collaborated with Tim Bernes-Lee in the creation of the World Wide Web.
Bernd Pollermann was in charge of managing large bases of information and was responsible for the index of CERN's computer center documentation, now included in the Web. He was also the editor of CERN's Computer Newsletter.
Anne Rocher
Coach in speech communication and the correction of foreign accent in French
Anne Rocher, for 15 years at Vox Institute, she has been giving individual courses in phonetic correction of foreign accent and prosodic correction.

Graduate of Montessori school then high school and State University in Rennes, France. She holds a license in German. Training in Waldorf pedagogy school in Stuttgart with specialization in foreign languages, teaching German and then French as a Foreign Language (FLE) in France, Luxembourg and then Geneva and also making translations. Specialization in phonetic correction of foreign accent and prosody at Vox Institute as well as with Professor Intravaia in Belgium.
Matthieu Jost
Trainer in emotion
Matthieu Jost, since September 2017 - to date is a trainer and research collaborator. He teaches Emotion Psychology - applied to the professional context and motivation to work, at training centers in the canton of Vaud and Neuchatel. These courses are designed and developed at Vox Institute.
Currently enrolled in a Ph.D. at the University of Lausanne (Faculty of Management – HEC), his key research topics are leadership, interpersonal skills and training. The peculiarity of his thesis is that it involves virtual reality as a tool to develop and enhance training.
Tatiana Timofeeva
Senior analyst and administrative and operational assistant
Tatiana Timofeeva joined Vox Institute in 2013 as a scientific and administrative assistant. She is responsible for the organisation of individual courses and workshops. She performs the acoustic speech analyses and the analyses and nonverbal behaviour. She holds a Master’s degree in French as foreign language (University of Geneva) and is specialized in verbo-tonal method of phonetic correction. She also teaches French and phonetic correction.
Currently enrolled in a new MA study of the Science in Learning and Teaching Technologies at the Geneva University.
Dianora Corsini
Dianora Corsini joined in November 2014 as an intern and since then has continued her collaboration with Vox Institute. Her education includes a BA in Psychology (Bangor University, North Wales), specialising in various fields such as Psychoacoustics and Auditory Neuroscience. She then completed a MSc in Social and Cultural Psychology (LSE, London) which covered also Group Dynamics and Social Representations. In the past few years, she dedicated herself to various NGO’s around the world. Most recently, she was a project coordinator assistant at Amel Association in Lebanon, on the field as well as in the HQ.

Our Associates

Our International Business Partners
David Heng Hock Wang,
Founder and CEO,
Global Leadership Dynamics Asia
David Heng Hock Wang, has been Vox Institute’s business partner since 2009. In his capacity of training officer at World Economic Forum ...
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Manos Sifonios,
Reputation Unique
Manos Sifonios (based in Athens – Greece) has been Vox Institute’s business partner since 2016. He uses Vox Institute’s services in the field ...
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Ngila Michael Muendane,
South Africa
Director, Vision Power
Multipurpose Centre
Ngila Michael Muendane, based in Johannesburg South Africa has been associated with Vox Institute for over 20 years in the field ...
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Ewan Pearson
Directeur général de Grant Pearson Brown Consulting Ltd.
London, UK 
Ewan Pearson - a specialist adviser in the field of effective and persuasive communication, both spoken and written. Since 2001, Ewan ...
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James McBrien
Director and founder of
Clearwater Advisors Ltd.
London, UK
Since 2003, James and his team have been using Vox Institute’s services in the fields of acoustic voice analysis of speech communication ...
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Giuseppe Conti
Founder of CABL
Giuseppe Conti has been Vox Institute’s business partner since 2005. Managing Partner at Conti Advanced Business Learning, Business School Professor, Giuseppe Conti is the founder of CABL, a firm that offers a range of customized training in the field of negotiation and influencing.
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Since 2013, Sanofi's team have been using Vox Institute’s services in the fields of acoustic voice analysis of speech communication.
Scientific Associates
Krzysztof Izdebski
Prof. Dr. Krzysztof Izdebski (FK, MA, PhD, CCC-SLP, FASHA) – our scientific
and research associate and co-author of publications. Since 2007, Vox Institute has...
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Eric Keller
Prof. Dr. Eric Keller – our scientific consultant. Since 1988, Vox Institute has been using Dr Keller’s expertise in the field of acoustic ...
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Tarashankar Rudra
Dr. Tarashankar Rudra has been Vox Institute’s scientific collaborator since 2005 in the field of research and software development ...
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Daniel Hirst
For the past 25 years Vox Institute has been in touch with Prof. Daniel Hirst PhD, Dr Hab who helped us to improve our acoustic ...
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by Branka Zei Pollermann
Major Co-authors of Branka’s publications
Richard D. Lane, MD, PhD
Professor, Psychiatry, Psychology, and Neuroscience Richard D. Lane, M.D., Ph.D. is Professor of Psychiatry, Psychology ...
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Prof. Dr. Klaus Scherer
Klaus Scherer is a Professor emeritus at the University of Geneva. He founded and directed the Centre Interfacultaire en Science Affectives ...
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Prof. Jean-Marie Annoni
Jean-Marie Annoni studied medicine in Geneva and obtained his Swiss diploma in 1981. Thereafter, he specialized in neurology ...
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