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Training and Research Institute specialised in speech communication.


To provide scientifically based training (workshops and coaching) in a time- and cost-efficient manner, by using personalised approach and modern technology.

Areas of Expertise

1. Speech communication - improving oral communication skills, identifying strengths and weaknesses and suggesting courses of action

  1. Basic oratory skills (from Ciceron to modern orators),
  2. Acoustic analysis of the speaker’s voice (using P. Boersma’s a leading-edge software),
  3. Emotional and linguistic characteristics of speaking styles
  4. facial expressions (analysis of thought and emotion processes by using P. Ekman’s FACS),
  5. posture, gesture, gaze, and proxemics in speech communication.

2. Emotion psychology - intelligent handling of one's emotions, optimising emotional climate and motivation by using appropriate organisational and communication strategies

  1. Emotional aspects of decision taking - based on research by M. Morris, A. Damasio, C.S. Carver & M.F. Scheier.
  2. Persuasion: rational and emotional strategies - based on J. Cacioppo & R. Petty's research.
  3. Motivation: balancing intrinsic and extrinsic incentives - B. Frey’s model
  4. Work satisfaction, well-being and health - based on D. Kahneman’s and M. Marmot’s research.

3. Speech impairments - remediation of stuttering, disfluent speech, hearing impairment

  1. Correction of foreign accents
  2. Improvement of fluency
  3. Stammer remediation (delayed auditory feedback method)
  4. Hearing impairment (use of bone conduction - vibratory pathways).

Vox Institute is multi-disciplinary (linguistics, acoustics, phonetics, social psychology, computer science).

Vox Institute is multi-cultural (including cross-cultural and culture specific contents).

Vox Institute uses leading-edge technology for training and assessment of the person’s skills in speech communication.

Vox Institute motto: Always do more than just the necessary!