Upcoming Workshop

The Power of Voice – Making an Impact through Speech communication (Copy)

Trainer: Branka Zei Pollermann PhD
  • 18-19 April 2024
  • Vox Institute, Geneva
  • Two-day course
  • Maximum number of attendees: 8
  • Please contact: info@vox-institute.ch


  • To assess personal strengths and weaknesses (areas of improvement) via scientific measurement of communication skills (acoustic and visual analyses).
  • To acquire vocal skills appropriate for speaking at meetings / moderating events / presenting facts and figures.
  • To structure the content of presentations in a way that raises interest and maintains attention.
  • To assure congruence between verbal, vocal and non-verbal dimensions of speech communication.


  • Interplay between verbal, vocal and nonverbal behaviours
  • Main Vocal Parameters
  • Three main vocal skills
  • Vocal Styles in Public Speaking
  • Verbal channel
  • The pyramid principle: structure of talks
  • Argumentation Strategies
  • Non-verbal behaviour in speech communication

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