Upcoming Workshop

Speaking to Convince – The Impact of Voice in Speech Communication

Trainer: Branka Zei Pollermann PhD
  • December 2 and 4, 2020
  • Geneva
  • Two day course
  • Maximum number of attendees: 8
  • Early Bird Price: CHF 990.-/person (before November 6, 2020)
    Standard Price: CHF 1100.-/person


  • Identify your own strengths and weaknesses in speech communication.
  • Master the main vocal skills (pitch, volume, pace, intonations).
  • Master the congruence between the different communication channels: verbal, vocal, non-verbal (facial expressions, gestures) in order to optimize your credibility and your power to persuasiveness.
  • Structure the content to generate interest and maintain attention.
  • Choose your argumentation strategy (a thoughtful blend of rational and emotional arguments).


  • Three main speech communication skills: chunking, emphasis, intonation.
  • Vocal styles in: public speaking, conducting meetings and face-to-face conversations.
  • Verbal channel: vocabulary (semantic networks), argumentation strategies, and most effective rhetorical figures.
  • The pyramid principle: method of structuring ideas in order to (1) ensure logical coherence and (2) maintain audience’s attention.
  • Non-verbal behaviour (facial expressions, gestures, posture, gaze) and its strategic use in speech communication.
About Seminar

The human voice is a powerful instrument of persuasion and leadership. It reflects the speaker’s personality, social status, emotions. Scientific studies have highlighted the link between vocal skills and the quality of professional communication. The way we speak determines how much people appreciate, respect and trust us. Also, all of the communication channels (facial expressions, gestures, posture, gaze) influence the perception of our credibility, our dynamism and our competence. This workshop will give you the opportunity to master the strategic use of voice and non-verbal channels in professional communication.

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