Upcoming Workshop

FEEL-COG: The Role of Affect in the Development of Cognition ICDL 2021 workshop

Trainer: Invited Talk Branka Zei + Q&A (25 min - 20 + 5)
  • August 19 2021, 13.00 CEST
  • Virtual
  • 3h30
  • Maximum number of attendees: Illimited
  • Free. Mandatory registration on this link by August 18th EOD.
About Seminar

People are social beings, naturally predisposed to interact in an adaptive and empathetic manner with others. While vast majority of scholars share some common model of cognition and recognize as crucial the elements of perception, attention, action selection, learning, memory and reasoning, very few of them acknowledge the role social and affective interaction plays in the development of these skills.

The goal of our workshop is to tackle precisely this issue. We wish to rekindle the conversation on the key importance of affect in the development of different cognitive abilities, both in natural cognitive agents (i.e. humans) and artificial ones (i.e. cognitive and social robots). We would like to address this issue from an interdisciplinary angle and we welcome researchers from a broad range of disciplines such as robotics, neurosciences, social sciences, psychology and computer science.