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About Vox Institute


Vox Institute was founded in 1988 as a training and research institute specialized in acoustic and non verbal aspects of speech communication. Its mission is to provide scientifically based courses/coaching and assessment of communication skills.

Its founder and director, Branka Zei Pollermann PhD, has been involved in Geneva University scientific research since 1980. She is the author of numerous publications. Her professional profile is multi-disciplinary and her academic credentials include: a doctorate (PhD) in psychology (University of Geneva), and three university diplomas in: general linguistics (Geneva), psychology (Geneva), English and Italian language and literature (Zagreb). Her postgraduate studies covered the fields of phonetics, linguistics, philosophy and sociology. In parallel to her work at Vox Institute, she held part-time teaching and research positions at: Faculty of Psychology (Geneva University), Geneva University Hospitals, CERN, Phonetics Institute (Zagreb University).

Vox Institute provides tailored courses using leading-edge technology for assessment and coaching in vocal and non-verbal skills of speech communication. The content and methodology allow the clients to benefit from the latest scientific discoveries in the field of speech communication.