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The power of voice and nonverbal behaviour in speech communication


  1. To transmit academically high-level knowledge and practical skills necessary to create impact, and communicate fluently, confidently and clearly.
  2. To transmit Basic oratory skills (from Ciceron to modern oratory),


  • Explanation of the results of acoustic analysis of the participants’ voices
  • Speaking styles: vocal and linguistic characteristics
  • Exercises in the control of volume, pitch, pace and fluency
  • Practising intonation patterns
  • Explanation of the results of the analysis of the participants’ facial expressions
  • Exercises in the control of: facial expressions, posture, gesture, gaze, and proxemics.


Prior to the course, the participants’ vocal skills and facial expressions are analysed (Ekman’s FACS method).

Written reports are provided the first day of the course.

During the course various vocal parameters and intonation contours are displayed on the computer screen. Numerous audio examples are played.