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The Power of Voice in speech communication

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  1. To objectively assess your strengths and areas for improvement in speech communication.
  2. To acquire the skills necessary to come across as a competent and influential speaker.
  3. To unlock the power of your voice.


  • The power of voice in persuasion
  • Measuring pitch, volume and speech rate,
  • identifying and using various intonation patterns
  • Speaking styles (formal vs. conversational),
  • The impact of voice on emotional connotations of words,
  • How to better project your voice
  • The link between the voice and facial expressions
  • Using the right tone of voice in emotionally difficult situations
  • Congruence between non verbal channels of communication (facial expressions, posture, gestures and voice)


  • Acoustic analysis of the participants’ voices: vocal "fingerprint" graph
  • Illustration of various models
  • Assessment of the impact of voice on audience,
  • Practising speaking styles with the help of audio recordings.

The graph below illustrates a voice profile as measured by a computerised acoustic analysis program, where various features of the speaker's voice are compared with a model and presented as % of the reference values.

Voice Profile
Voice Profile