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Effective motivation: Beyond the stick and carrot - or - How to optimise motivation and emotional climate at work


  1. To optimise motivation by balancing intrinsic and intrinsic incentives
  2. To optimise emotional climate in the work-place
  3. To identify emotional aspects of job satisfaction,
  4. To practise elaboration of concrete strategies for effective motivation - beyond the stick and carrot.


  • The role of affect in triggering, and guiding human behaviour
  • The three-dimensional model of affective states,
  • Emotional aspects of decision taking (M. Morris, A. Damasio, C.S.
  • Emotions as mediators of adaptive behaviour (K. Scherer’s model)
  • Motivation: balancing intrinsic and extrinsic incentives (B. Frey’s model)
  • Affective determinants of job satisfaction
  • The benefits of psychic income
  • Behavioural strategies for the prevention of negative emotions and
  • Work satisfaction, well-being and health - (D. Kahneman’s and M. Marmot).

Method and measurements : In the workshop the participants

  • Learn to use a three-dimensional model of “Emotional Space”.
  • Measure (by a well-known questionnaire) their level of decision latitude and the magnitude of psychological demands inherent to their work. The results are presented graphically and allow comparison with established standards.
  • The frequency and intensity of a set of emotions (7 positive and 7 negative) is measured via a questionnaire and the results are presented in an attractive graphic format.
  • A scale measuring the capacity to cope with stressful tasks is applied.