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Good English Accent

A foreign accent, no matter *how* charming, can distract listeners from the meaning of our message and even diminish our personal credibility.

This course is designed for those who wish to lose their foreign accent.

It is is taught to individuals or to small groups (max. 4 persons).

Each person's accent is assessed. Phonological and prosodic mistakes are described in detail, and the programme is tailored to each student’s needs.


  • Psycho-acoustic explanation of the causes accents,
  • An analysis of errors,
  • Visual display of speech sounds and prosody,
  • Exercises in auditory discrimination of phonologically minimal pairs
  • Articulation of phonemes,
  • Melodic contours (intonations),
  • Stress-patterns (rhythm),
  • Speech rate,
  • Connected speech (weak forms, word linking and phonetic assimilations).

Audio material for work on one’s own is provided