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Make your emotions work for you - be emotionally intelligent


  1. To identify triggers of emotional reactions
  2. To recognise nonverbal indicators of emotions
  3. To control your own emotional reactions and those of others
  4. To use emotions as your best alleys


  • Triggers of emotional reactions (K. Scherer 2004)
  • Emotional intelligence and how to develop it (Salovey & Mayer 1990)
  • Emotional openness and how to improve it (Reicherts)
  • Dimensions of emotional motivation,
  • Control of emotional reactions (4 methods)
  • Reading nonverbal indicators of emotions,
  • Responding appropriately to verbal aggression,
  • Coping with emotionally difficult situations (2 methods)
  • Emotion and adaptation (Lazarus 1991)


  • The participants evaluate their emotional awareness by using a specially designed questionnaire.
  • Practical exercises for each emotional competence are applied.