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Emotional Intelligence in teaching and training: reproducing the Pygmalion Effect

The course answers two questions

  1. Can the concept of emotional intelligence be used teaching?
  2. Can emotions be used in order to better understand the learner and improve one’s teaching style?


  1. To assess one’ own and the students’ emotional state/attitude
  2. To predict behaviour on the basis of the assessment
  3. To recognise and use nonverbal signs of emotions.
  4. To control emotions on the level of verbal, vocal and facial behaviour.
  5. To design a course by taking into account emotional aspects of learning.


  • the emotional dimension of learning.
  • four basic competences related to emotional intelligence,
  • control of emotional reactions
  • Awareness of one’s own emotions,
  • Nonverbal signs of the learners’ emotions.
  • Teaching techniques that take into account the learners’ emotions
  • congruence between verbal and nonverbal channels of communication


  • Course preparation exercises,
  • Audio and video recordings.